Taylormade P790 vs P770: Which is Better for You?

The TaylorMade P790 vs P770 are two of the best rated hammers in the world. However, you may be wondering if there is a difference between the two. To find out more about the differences and similarities between the two, read on.

Looking to decide between the TaylorMade P790 and P770 irons? Check out this blog post for a head-to-head comparison of these two popular models.


The TaylorMade P790 iron is one of the most popular sets of golf irons around today. It is designed for players who are looking for good performance, great forgiveness, and a solid feel.

The P790 iron features a hollow-forged construction, which allows the club to be lighter while delivering more distance and forgiveness. It also has a thinner top line, which helps to frame the ball nicely at address.

These irons are ideal for players who are mid to high handicaps, and are looking for a long iron with good accuracy. They are perfect for weekend players, and beginners. Their thin club face promotes fast ball speeds.

The P790 has a forged L-Face made of 4140 steel. This face has a thinner face profile than the P770, making it easier to hit the ball. A slot cut in the sole maximizes the flex of the face.

The head of the P790 is made of 8620 carbon steel. It has an offset that is progressive. This allows the center of gravity to be pushed lower, which promotes a penetrating high ball flight.

The P790 has an optimally weighted head, which means that you will have excellent ball control and explosive speeds. To add stability, the head features 31g of tungsten near the toe. That’s double the amount of tungsten from the previous model.

The P770 features a more compact shape, making it a better fit for mid-handicap players. In addition to a shorter blade length, it also has a forged L-Face.

What is TaylorMade P790

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If you are a new golfer looking to buy your first set of irons, you might be wondering what the difference is between the P790 and the P770. The two clubs are quite similar, with each having its own merits.

For instance, the P790 iron has a hollow body construction which produces a thin yet stable dynamic. This helps the club to provide the forgiveness that good players need to make good strikes.

Another important feature of the P790 is its mid-level range spin, which can be especially beneficial in shorter irons. It is also worth noting that the club has an impressive 2.4 millimeter offset.

Aside from the impressive 2.4 millimeter offset, the P790 has a sleeker top line and a larger face. In fact, the P790 is the only golf iron that has a topline with this much thickness.

As a result, the P790 is very forgiving, especially when compared to other irons in its class. These clubs are great for weekend warriors, as well as professional players.

The P790 also boasts a number of features that improve its accuracy, including SpeedFoam, which is an ultralight urethane foam that lays in the inner part of the hollow body. When activated, it promotes forgiveness and tunes the sound and feel of the club.

Overall, the P790 is a worthy investment for serious players. Although they have their limitations, they are very versatile and will help you to square up to the ball, and go further with your shots.

Difference of TaylorMade P790 vs P770

P790 and P770 irons are among the most popular irons on the market. This is because they provide a mixture of distance and feel that can be very useful for both amateurs and professionals.

Both the P790 and the P770 have been revamped and are now made of 8620 carbon steel, which is much thinner than the old stainless steel. This allows the club head to be forged thinner while still providing a strong and stable dynamic.

The P790 is also much lighter than the first generation model. This is thanks to an ultra-light urethane foam that is injected inside the head. It weighs 3.5 grams less than the first generation model.

The P790 also features a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, which is designed to protect low-face shots and help increase ball speed. Another feature is a redesigned tungsten weight, which improves CG performance and delivers explosive speeds.

The P790 irons also offer more forgiveness. This is because a forged hollow body design creates a thin yet stable dynamic. Also, the forged face allows the clubs to flex more easily. A larger sweet spot and a broader topline also contribute to this.

Besides their redesigned weights, the TaylorMade P790 has also improved the overall look of the club. They have a streamlined design and a rigid top rail, which minimizes miss-hits. In addition, the P790 has been engineered to maximize the flex of the clubface.

Similarity of TaylorMade P790 vs P770

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When comparing the TaylorMade P790 vs P770 irons, you will be surprised at how similar these two models are. They are both high quality and feature advanced technology for improving accuracy and distance.

These two irons share common features, such as the hollow body construction, but also have some unique characteristics. The P770 has a shorter head with less offset, while the P790 has a thinner topline. Both models have an attractive, player-friendly design.

Both clubs are made of 8620 carbon steel, which is softer than stainless steel. This material offers an exceptional blend of feel and precision, while maximizing ball control. A new thin forged face is designed to maximize COR (Complex Of Responsiveness) area and help produce greater forgiveness and distance.

The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket is featured on the P790 and is designed to improve ball speed and protect low-face shots. In addition, the club features SpeedFoam, a urethane foam that is injected into the inside of the clubhead, increasing forgiveness.

While the TaylorMade P790 vs P770 have a lot of similarities, the P770 has a slightly higher spin rate and more workability than the P790. This can make it a better choice for golfers with a lower handicap.

For players looking to get a better feel for how an iron works, the P770 is an ideal model. The hollow body design and forged face allow the club to flex. It also creates a thin, stable dynamic.

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FAQs about TaylorMade P790 vs P770

Are The TaylorMade P770 Forgiving?

The TaylorMade P770 irons are designed with a multi-material construction that produces high levels of forgiveness. The clubhead is constructed with a lightweight titanium composite material to improve feel and accuracy while also providing maximum distance and launch characteristics. The cavity back design of the clubs increases their MOI (moment of inertia) which helps to keep off-center shots straight and on their target line.

Additionally, the Speed Pocket technology in the 4 through 7 iron helps reduce spin for added distance, while providing increased forgiveness on both heel and toe shots. All these features together make the TaylorMade P770 an incredibly forgiving iron set that performs well across all types of lies and conditions. Players looking for a forgiving game improvement iron should definitely give the TaylorMade P770 a try.

Do Any Pros Use TaylorMade P770?

Yes! TaylorMade P770 irons have become extremely popular among pros and amateurs alike. The tour-inspired shape, precision engineering and advanced materials used in the P770s make them ideal for players of all levels. Notable golfers who have been spotted using TaylorMade P770 irons on the course include Brooks Koepka, Jason Day, Patrick Cantlay, Justin Rose, and Sergio Garcia. These top-level pros appreciate the performance benefits that come from using a club designed to deliver more distance, accuracy and playability than ever before. Whether you’re looking for an iron set to upgrade your game or just getting started with golf clubs, TaylorMade’s P770s are worth considering!

What Handicap Should Play P770?

The Ping P770 irons are designed for the mid- to low-handicap golfer who wants a combination of forgiveness and workability. These clubs feature a tungsten weight in the sole, which helps launch the ball higher and further. The irons also have an undercut cavity that provides additional forgiveness on mis-hits. The lower center of gravity gives golfers more control over their shots and helps them generate more spin when needed.

If you’re a mid- to low-handicap golfer seeking a combination of power, distance, accuracy and consistency, then the Ping P770 is an excellent option for you. It’s ideal for players with handicaps ranging from 10 to 20. With these clubs, you can consistently hit the ball straight and long, with plenty of forgiveness and precision on each shot. For golfers who want to improve their game, the Ping P770 irons are a great choice.

What are the key features of TaylorMade P770 irons?

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The key features of the TaylorMade P770 irons are:

– Progressive Inverted Cone Technology (PICT) creates a thinner face design for more speed and distance.

– SpeedFoam Technology internalizes the power of the clubhead to create improved sound, feel and forgiveness.

– A redesigned tungsten weighting system provides stability in each iron head for precise control during impact.

– An ultra-thin leading edge combined with an elongated top rail promotes ideal turf interaction and increased consistency from all lies.

– Perimeter Weighting ensures higher MOI values throughout the set to provide added stability on off center hits.

– Vibration Dampening System utilizes soft elastomers behind the face to absorb unwanted vibration and improve sound at impact.

– The compact head shape, progressive set flow, and refined sole design create a premium look, feel and turf interaction.

– Available in both standard (black) and Tour Satin (silver) finish options provide players with an aesthetically pleasing choice.

How often should I get TaylorMade P770 irons serviced/tuned-up to keep them performing at their best?

Ideally, you should get your TaylorMade P770 irons serviced/tuned-up once a year in order to keep them performing at their best. During this service, the grooves of your clubs will be inspected for wear and tear and any necessary adjustments can be made to ensure that they are playing optimally. Additionally, the lie angle of the club can be adjusted if needed which helps with ball flight control. The shafts and grips should also be checked for proper fitment and replaced if necessary. Having your TaylorMade P770 irons serviced/tuned-up by a skilled professional on an annual basis is highly recommended in order to maintain optimal playability and performance from your clubs.

What are the TaylorMade P790 irons designed for?

The TaylorMade P790 irons are designed for players that want to get maximum distance and accuracy with each shot. The P790 irons feature TaylorMade’s SpeedFoam technology, which helps produce faster ball speed from the clubface for more distance on full shots. They also feature a thin face design and tungsten weighting to increase forgiveness on off-center hits. In addition, their low CG design makes it easy to get the ball airborne for longer distances and straighter shots. With its advanced design, the TaylorMade P790 iron set offers power and precision in an attractive package that will suit any golfer’s game. Combined with the latest features and technologies, these irons provide consistent performance each time you step up to the tee.

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The TaylorMade P790 has been around for a while now and is still a popular choice with golfers of all levels. Despite its shortcomings, the P790 is still a worthy contender. So which iron is better? This is a highly subjective question, but it seems the P790 is best suited for a player with a little more finesse and a little more experience.

While there is no definitive answer, the P790 does a number of things right. For starters, it uses a tungsten weight and a hefty chunk of the stuff to drive the center of gravity closer to the toe. This translates into an extra 10 yards of roll on the clubhead and an overall ball flight path that is much more predictable. Lastly, the P790 has a larger and longer iron, which is a major plus for a player with a more refined game. Finally, the P790 is a notch above the competition in terms of aesthetics. Interestingly, the P790 is more streamlined than the P7MC. It is a solid option for the serious gamer looking to make a statement with the game’s most important club. There are several other options in the P-Series lineup, but the P790 stands out from the pack. Besides, the P790 is one of a few models to boast a new forged 4140 stainless steel L-face. Moreover, the new blades are thinner and more forgiving than ever.

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