A Beginner’s Golf Guide: How many Holes in Golf?

Golf is a sport that has been played for centuries and many people have tried to crack the code on how to play. How many holes in golf?

If you are new to the game, it can be hard knowing where to start. There are so many rules and regulations out there, but we’ve done some research and put together a beginner’s guide here for you!

Why do people play golf? Well, they have a lot of reasons. For one thing, 18 holes is the standard around the world and every course has that number no matter if it’s an established rule or not.

There are 4 par 3s which have 9-holes each, four par 5s which have 10-holes each and there are four par 4s which have 12-holes each.

If your scorecard says you completed nine holes of golf at a total distance of 3600 yards (or 2700 meters).

When you play all those rounds in total, this makes up for your round of golf!

But other than just 9-hole courses are popular too because playing twice as many times means 36 more holes to go through which counts as another complete round (or technically two).

How many holes in golf? And there’s even longer courts like 72 hole ones where players can keep going at their own pace until someone finally wins.

How many holes in golf? Do you know?
How many holes in golf?

How many holes in golf?

In 1764, St. Andrew of Scotland created a golf course with 22 holes but found it too difficult to use.

He saw that there were flaws in his work and decided on combining the first 4 short holes into 2 instead which was easier for future players to adapt to using an 18-hole course as compared before when playing at a 22 hole one.

Design standards of 18-hole golf course by region

A golf course is a fun and challenging game that usually has 18 holes. A structured course includes the tee, the fairway, and green area where you putt.

There are also obstacles like bunkers (sand traps), roughs (areas with lots of grass or bushes to reduce distance between shots) water hazards, sandtraps etc depending on its design.

Men’s golf courses typically range in length from 6,500 to over 7,000 yards (yards) or from 5,900 to 6,400 meters.

This distance is the distance between a player’s teeing ground and his/her hole on an 18-hole course.

Meanwhile women & children often play shorter courses by placing their holes closer together.

Because it lessens the chance of injury in competition with stronger adults who are arguably more likely than smaller players like kids and females to lose control when swinging heavy clubs at high speeds causing them great force as they hit balls toward targets located farther away

When creating an 18-hole course that will meet international standards, there are many factors to keep in mind. These include:


A tee is a small, square surface with which golfers create an elevated platform for the ball. The purpose of using a tee in this sport is to place the ball on level ground before striking it with clubs or other objects called drivers.

Additionally, players use tees and drives when they want to position their balls close-to but not directly on green areas within fairways that are grassy surfaces surrounding holes (i.e., round openings).


The golfer’s goal is to hit the fairway. This path leads from tees to greens and brings golfers closer to their green destination instead of rolling off into rough or sand traps.

To do this, players use numbers 3-5-45 on par 4 and 5 holes (which are longer). Players can also score well if they manage a flawless drive down the middle with no obstacles in their way!


The green surrounding the hole is an area of high importance because it’s where you roll your ball after hitting into a successful shot.

If designed correctly, this zone will be smooth and have grass that can push or pull balls back towards the center of play (or in other words, “into” the hole).

Bermuda grasses are most commonly used for construction due to their unique ability to stay so healthy despite daily use by players practicing on them all year long.

“Double Green” is a special zone on the golf course with two flagpoles, and it’s large enough for two different players to play simultaneously.

Alternate greens are another option for golfers, which may be used on the same hole. With alternate green play, a golfer will first use one of two greens and then switch to the other side (marked with red flag).

This is useful if there’s a large distance between holes or it would take too much time in order to walk back to where they started from just before teeing off again.

The typical golf course typically has multiple par 3, 4, and 5 standard holes.

Golfers drive off by hitting the ball from a teeing point near where they are standing or vice versa if it’s not customary to use a tee for that specific hole.

The ball then reaches the entry hole on an elevated green with strokes being given as a certain number of swings (usually three).

How many holes in golf? A standard three-hole is up to 250 yards long while four stroke can be 251 – 470 yards in length and five-stroke will usually exceed those lengths at least by another 100+ feet than fours but some may go beyond even 500 yard mark too!

Design of 18-hole golf course according to par standard

There are 3 standard holes in an 18 hole golf course: a par 4, par 5 and par 3.

Standard hole par 3

A par-3 hole is a short one on the golf course and experts are expected to play it in three shots.

On average, good players will be able to put the ball into green (the goal of putting) with their first shot and then use two more strokes for sinking or holing out i.e., getting them inside that 229 meter mark from which Par 3 holes begin at an estimated length according to professionals involved in playing these games.

Standard hole par 4

A par-4 hole is a golf course’s standard distance from 230 to 430 meters.

This length of the hole isn’t official, but most professional courses stick to that range since it provides an easy way for players and spectators alike to measure their game on average distances.

Standard hole par 5

A par five hole is a challenging obstacle in golf for expert players. On most courses, it’s the longest and takes at least 5 shots to complete successfully.

When first designing one of these holes, you’re encouraged to make sure that its length isn’t shorter than 431 meters because longer ones only serve as more difficult obstacles for veteran players!

The average professional golfer will have a best-case scenario of hitting the fairway with 1 kick, using another to push their ball further down the green for use on par 5.

Golfers who hit it very far can take advantage and make 2 kicks to get onto the green in only 3 strokes without needing any putts or additional pushes.

The number of par-5 holes a golf course has varies, but it is common to have between two and six on an 18 hole course.

Often there will be 2 in the first 9 holes and another 2 in the following nine.

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How many holes in golf? Golf is a fun sport that can be played by anyone at any level. It seems complicated, but the basics are surprisingly easy to learn and get good at quickly.

Learn how many holes there are in golf, what the difference between fairways and roughs is, why you might want to use an iron instead of a driver on short distances, or which club go for when it’s time to putt.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy trying out yourself.

We have all the tools necessary for beginners to start playing right away without breaking your wallet.

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