GTI Vs WRX: Detailed Review and Comparison

GTI Vs WRX: Head to Head
GTI Vs WRX: The Extremely Compact Cars

Are you torn between two of the most popular high-performance cars in the market today, the Subaru WRX vs Volkswagen GTI? It can be difficult to decide which one is right for your needs, so let’s dive into their differences and characteristics. From engine options to performance stats, this blog post will guide you through comparing the all-important elements of these powerhouse automobiles. With this knowledge at hand, you’ll be able to confidently make a decision on which one is best suited for your unique vehicle needs.

What is GTI?

The Volkswagen GTI is a high-performance version of the ever-popular Volkswagen Golf. It first debuted in Europe in 1976 and was eventually introduced to the US market in 1983. The current model features a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine that produces 228 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, making it one of the most powerful cars in its class. The car also comes with an adaptive suspension system, sport-tuned steering, and lowered ride height for improved handling and cornering capabilities.

Although the exterior styling has been updated over the years, it still retains its classic hatchback look with iconic red grille surround, front fog lights, and signature checkerboard side skirts that have become synonymous with the Volkswagen GTI brand. Inside, you’ll find comfortable seats upholstered in tartan fabric, a panoramic sunroof, alloy wheels, and a host of advanced technology features including CarPlay integration and Adaptive Cruise Control. Safety is also top notch thanks to standard blind spot monitoring systems as well as optional autonomous emergency braking systems.

In addition to its performance capabilities and style appeal, what really sets the Volkswagen GTI apart from other vehicles is its affordability; you can get behind the wheel of one for much less than some of its competitors such as the BMW M3 or Audi S3. For those seeking a fun yet practical daily driver that won’t break the bank, the Volkswagen GTI is definitely worth considering.

What is WRX?

The Subaru WRX is an iconic compact sports car that has been on the market since 1992. It features a turbocharged engine and comes with either a manual or automatic transmission. Its body style is based off of the Impreza, and its signature “boxer” engine has earned it immense popularity among drivers who want to combine performance and practicality in their vehicle.

The WRX is designed to deliver high performance driving, with its all-wheel drive system helping to distribute power evenly across all four wheels for optimal traction. Its 268 horsepower DOHC engine is capable of reaching 60 mph in just 5 seconds, making it great for those looking for speed and agility. Inside, the WRX offers luxurious leather seating, advanced technology features like a touch panel display, and an intuitive infotainment system that includes support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Safety features are also abundant with the WRX, including lane departure warning systems, automatic braking assistance, blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning systems and more. In addition to this impressive lineup of benefits, owners can also expect legendary Subaru reliability which makes the WRX an ideal choice for anyone seeking a dependable sports car at an affordable price point.

Features of GTI and WRX

GTI vs WRX: The exterior

When it comes to exterior, the GTI has a good look.  It has a sleek European style and is shorter in length than other models in its class.  The car also features attractive alloy wheels that go well with both its black and white interior colors.

The Subaru WRX has a sporty design with a five-door body style making it easy to get in and out of for all passengers.  This vehicle can come with sleek alloy wheels or large chrome rims that give off an expensive appearance.  However, the WRX does lack some comfort because of its compact size; if you’re not used to driving smaller vehicles this may not be the best choice for you.

GTI vs WRX: Interior

The Volkswagen Golf GTI has a comfortable interior with many standard comfort and convenience features.  It’s highly recommended for those who enjoy moving around in their cars as it doesn’t have a high center console, giving passengers the ability to stretch out.

Subaru isn’t known to be one of the classier car manufacturers – but that doesn’t mean that their cars aren’t functional or practical.  Their interiors are performance-based and well equipped making them attractive to young professionals and drivers seeking adventure outside of work.  Like other Subaru models, the WRX comes with keyless start, so you never have to take your keys out your pocket!

GTI vs WRX: Performance

The Volkswagen Golf GTI has a great engine under the hood; it features a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that gives it 210 horsepower and 258-foot pounds of torque.  This vehicle is known for its amazing handling and surprisingly good fuel economy considering its high-performance powertrain (22 city/31 highway). The GTI comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission, but if you want to shift gears without using your hands – it’s available with an optional Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) or dual clutch gear box as well!

Subaru WRX has been redesigned since the last time we saw this model in 2011.  It now features a new 4-door model along with the five-door we’re familiar with.  The new and improved WRX is built to impress; it features a six-cylinder engine that puts out 268 horsepower and has an all-wheel drive system making it perfect for those turbos charged nights on the town!

GTI vs WRX: Safety

Volkswagen takes safety seriously, and their Golf GTI comes standard with antilock brakes (ABS), electronic stability program (ESP) and airbags in all models. The vehicle also comes with front side impact airbags as well as curtain style head protection airbags for both rows. The car also has traction control included as standard equipment.

Subaru does not want drivers and passengers to be injured and their vehicles to crash.  They take safety seriously and have put many standard and optional safety features on their WRX that includes antilock brakes and several airbags as well as electronic stability control (ESC), which helps drivers maintain control of the vehicle by adjusting the engine output, steering assist, and braking power during dangerous situations.

GTI vs WRX: Price

-Volkswagen Golf GTI comes in at a base price of $23,000 for the S model design but can go as high as $32,000 for premium models – all depending on what you choose.  It’s important to note that insurance costs will rise with this car; it’s not cheap! Subaru WRX has a base price of $27,995 making it the cheaper option in the long run.  The WRX starts at about $1,000 more than the GTI but is priced much lower by the time you add options to your purchase.

GTI vs WRX: Review

-The Volkswagen Golf GTI was designed with fun in mind but can be seen as an all-purpose vehicle that’s perfect for everyday use!  Drivers who enjoy taking corners and shifting gears will love the six-speed manual transmission which comes standard on this model. GTIs are not just great for drivers; they’re also good-looking vehicles that offer seating space for up to four people. The interior is very comfortable and provides head room and leg room for both front and rear passengers.  The dashboard is designed with the driver in mind – it’s simple and easy to read but can be a little lacking when it comes to technology features. The GTI is not known for its impressive safety rating; it only scored four out of five stars on government crash tests. Thankfully, Volkswagen has made improvements since this model was last tested!

-Subaru WRX also offers drivers an all-purpose vehicle that performs well whether you’re commuting or hitting the streets with your friends at night. Like a few other Subaru models, the WRX has standard full time all-wheel drive so power transfer is smooth no matter the weather conditions. The WRX also provides ample safety features as standard equipment but lacks in its overall interior space.  Being a bigger vehicle, more legroom is provided for both front and back passengers which makes it perfect for road trips.

GTI vs WRX: Accessories

-Drivers who enjoy having the latest and greatest will love our large selection of accessories and parts for their car!  We carry a wide variety of both interior and exterior upgrades, covering virtually every part on your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your Volkswagen Golf GTI or Subaru WRX, Parts Train has thousands of parts for any make or model so you can get the look you want to express yourself! Do not forget to stock up on all the safety equipment you need before hitting the road – whether it be an airbag, brakes, headlights, or tires.

GTI vs WRX: Maintenance

To keep your Volkswagen Golf GTI or Subaru WRX running in optimal condition, regular maintenance is key. To help you out, we offer a wide range of parts for both cars to replace any worn down components so your vehicle will be back on the road in no time!  For more information on how to properly care for your car and all our accessory options, visit our blog.

GTI vs WRX: Customer Service

-When you shop with Parts Train, not only do you get the most competitive prices on all our parts and accessories, but we also offer fast and free shipping. We also provide excellent customer service to help make sure your shopping experience is as smooth as possible! All our parts and accessories come with a minimum 1-Year Warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can shop worry free knowing that we stand behind everything we sell.

GTI vs WRX: Dimensions

Besides the many differences between these two cars, there are some similarities as well.  For example, both models have a wheelbase of 103.8 inches and weigh around 3,200 pounds. The Subaru WRX also has a turning radius of 17.8 feet while Volkswagen’s turns at 37.5 feet – so if you’re someone who likes to drive fast you might want to opt for this one! It is no secret that GTI drivers love being behind the wheel – it’s even mentioned in their signature slogan “Drivers Wanted” – which makes it obvious why speed is important when choosing between these two vehicles. When comparing specs on paper it seems like the new Golf would win with its turbocharged engine, 230 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. However, the WRX has a standard 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with 268 horsepower and the ability to go 0 to 60 in 5.4 seconds – making it one of the most powerful cars on its list! With, both GTI and WRX offer ample power for your needs but only you can decide which one is right for you!

GTI vs WRX: Gallery

We carry a wide selection of Volkswagen Golf GTI and Subaru WRX parts so if you’re looking to upgrade or replace any exterior or interior components Parts Train will have what you need. If you have questions about any of our products or would like assistance finding an item, please contact us today.

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GTI vs WRX: Comfort and Reliability

When it comes to comfort, both vehicles have enough legroom for a six-foot passenger in both the front and back seat. Seat configuration is a little different though with each vehicle offering two bucket seats in the rear of its cabin instead of bench seating.

In terms of ride quality, both cars are smooth and quiet even on rough surfaces or highways where you can expect some road noise from other vehicles. In addition, neither car offers power-adjustable seats so if you’re looking for that feature, keep this in mind.

The GTI does have a slight advantage when it comes to reliability with a predicted reliability rating of four out five from J.D. Power and Associates while the WRX has a score of three out of five which still isn’t bad, but this difference could be enough to convince some car shoppers to go for the VW instead. In addition, the GTI has better safety ratings than the Subaru with features like hill start assist to help prevent it from rolling back on hills or inclines along with six airbags compared to just two in the WRX models. The Ford Fiesta ST is another fun alternative if you want something smaller and less expensive than either one of these cars that can still give you plenty of power and excitement.

GTI vs WRX: Tires and Wheels

While both vehicles are equipped with standard alloy wheels, each one offers three different options for you to choose from if you want something a little more stylish or eye-catching. The Golf comes with 17-, 18- and 19-inch wheels while the Subaru is equipped with 16-, 17- and 18-inch so it’s up to your which size will fit your needs best!

GTI vs WRX: Trims

Both of these cars are also available in two different trim levels depending on your style preferences. The GTI has a base S model as well as an Autobahn which gives you access to some extra amenities including leather seats, heated front seats, dual zone climate control and keyless entry and ignition among others.

The WRX has the same trims to choose from with the base model as well as an STI trim. While both vehicles are equipped with rearview cameras you do have to pay extra for this feature in the Subaru so keep that in mind if this is a dealbreaker for you. The Golf, unfortunately, doesn’t offer a backup camera but it can come equipped with leather seats and even navigation which isn’t offered by either of these cars.

The similarities of GTI and WRX:

The GTI and WRX are both hot hatches which means they were designed for performance, agility and responsiveness. Both vehicles also come with turbochargers to give you optimum power while delivering higher fuel economy than larger vehicles with bigger engines, front wheel drivetrains for better traction in snowy or wet conditions and light-weight body panels that make them great vehicles for commuters or people who need transportation but don’t want to spend a lot at the gas pump.

The differences of GTI and WRX:

 The thing that sets these vehicles apart from one another is the amount of power each delivers along with their different features and amenities. The VW Golf GTI has a 2.0-liter engine which generates 210 horsepower while the Subaru WRX has a 2.5-liter engine that creates 268 horsepower so you can expect more power from this vehicle compared to the VW. In addition, the safety ratings for each car are still a little bit different as mentioned earlier with better scores going to the GTI for its six airbags which will give you an added sense of security on the road especially if there are children involved in your family or you have pets that frequently ride with you in your car.

The winner: WRX

While both vehicles are impressive, the Subaru WRX is still a better option when you compare GTI vs WRX. It has more horsepower, better safety ratings and slightly lower predicted reliability rating so it will be the car that delivers better performance overall for car shoppers who want to get more bang for their buck. However, if you care about cargo space or dependability than either one of these cars could work for your needs although they do tend to have issues with their transmissions which can become quite costly after a while so this is something to keep in mind as well.


What is the primary difference between a GTI and WRX?

The primary difference between a GTI and WRX is the amount of power that the vehicles deliver as well as their features and amenities. The Golf comes with a 2.0-liter engine that delivers 210 horsepower while the Subaru has a 2.5-liter engine that provides 268 horsepower so you can expect more power from this vehicle compared to the VW. In addition, the safety ratings for each car are still a little bit different as mentioned earlier with better scores going to the GTI for its six airbags which will give you an added sense of security on the road especially if there are children involved in your family or you have pets that frequently ride with you in your car.

Which One Is Right for You?

Both the VW Golf GTI and Subaru WRX are excellent options that deliver high-level performance and responsiveness, so it really depends on the features you want as well as your budget to figure out which car is a better choice. In addition, you might also need to compare GTI vs WRX if you have a family because the VW has the extra room that many other cars in this class do not offer while the WRX can be seen as a more practical option depending on what you’re looking for.

Pros and Cons of a GTI vs WRX?

GTI pros

It has better predicted reliability rating -It has a better warranty coverage which includes free maintenance for up to six years or 72,000 miles -It has more cargo space with its hatchback design -It delivers 210 horsepower compared to the 268 horsepower on the WRX.

GTI cons

The price is higher than almost all other vehicles in this class -The acceleration isn’t as good as it could be with the GTI taking 8.2 seconds to reach 60 mph from stand still while the WRX can do it in 5.6 seconds.

WRX pros

-The engine produces 268 horsepower which is great for people who want something that accelerates faster than most vehicles in this class -Cargo space isn’t bad especially if you have the rear seats folded down -It has a much better predicted reliability rating compared to the GTI.

WRX cons

The interior isn’t as comfortable or quiet compared to other cars in this class -There are not many safety features offered considering that this car costs less than $30,000 after all incentives are applied -The exterior design for both base model and Limited trim levels can be seen as dull by some people, especially since it doesn’t have too much variation to its own style.

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Ultimately, to decide which vehicle will be the best option for you when you compare GTI vs WRX it’s important that you take into account your budget, how much cargo room you need and what kind of safety features are essential for you.  For example, if price is more important than anything else to you than the WRX might be a better option since this car delivers excellent value especially when compared to similar vehicles in this class.  However, if money is not an issue than the VW Golf GTI still offers superior performance with its 2.0L engine with 210 horsepower which also comes with free maintenance up to 6 years or 72,000 miles along with upgraded interior amenities like leather seats and sunroof. Broadrungolf is dedicated to providing impartial information about the differences between popular car models. In this article, we compare the GTI vs WRX.

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