EZGO RXV vs TXT: A Really Big Difference

There are a number of important differences between the EZGO RXV vs TXT. Here’s a look at some of them.


The EZGO RXV and the EZGO TXT are two of the most popular golf carts from EZGO. Both models have different benefits and features. They also have some similarities.

For starters, the EZGO RXV has an IntelliBrake(tm) system. This is a special system that automatically applies the parking brake when going down a steep slope. It uses fail-safe elements such as a system motor brake and a system brake pedal.

Another advantage of the EZGO RXV is its proprietary technology. In particular, it has an AC drivetrain that is 20% more efficient than the DC model. This results in a longer run time between charges. Lastly, the RXV’s top speed is higher than the TXT’s.

Both models are designed with comfort in mind. The TXT model has three horsepower while the RXV has 4.4. However, the TXT is slightly larger and has a larger bag well. Also, the TXT has a USB port and a wider cup holder.

On the other hand, the RXV is more customizable. The three RXV models come in a range of colors and have a variety of features. These include seating for two. There is an optional tow bar. Additionally, the RXV is sold to individuals, golf clubs and government agencies.

Compared to the TXT, the RXV has a slightly narrower wheelbase and shorter length. All three of the RXV models are available in gas or electric.

The RXV model also has a unique muffling system. In addition, the front wheel tracks are slightly shorter than those on the TXT.

Another feature of the RXV is a 4.5 inch ground clearance. This provides the cart with an excellent level of control and comfort.

Finally, the RXV has a large dash storage area. There is also space for a tablet.

What is EZGO RXV

EZGO TXT and RXV are two of the most popular models in the EZGO fleet. They both are available in a variety of body styles, including gas and electric models. Each has unique features and body designs. However, they all have some basic similarities.

The EZGO TXT is one of the most affordable models. It’s well-built and has a long battery life. Users report speeds of up to 19 KMPH. EZGO has made many changes to the TXT throughout the years, including the use of newer motors.

The EZGO TXT features an optional USB port, a larger, more spacious bag well, and simpler, more convenient controls. However, it isn’t as fast as the RXV.

While both models are essentially the same in terms of size and design, the RXV is a better-built golf cart. It has an independent front suspension, which makes it much smoother. Moreover, it has an internal starter generator, which makes it more efficient.

RXV is also the only golf cart to feature IntelliBrakeTM technology. This is an automatic parking brake system that uses fail-safe elements to ensure security. In addition to the parking brake, the system also includes a system motor brake that automatically applies the brake when you go down a steep hill.

Both the gas and electric TXT models come with the same 9.15 cubic inch engine. However, the gas version has a single cylinder OHV valve train, while the electric model has a 56-volt DC battery. As a result, the gas version weighs less than the electric.

RXV models are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. They can be ordered in custom colors. They also have a powder-coated level of protection.

What is EZGO TXT

The TXT isn’t just about performance. For starters, you’ll find a variety of different bodies in this class of golf cart. In fact, you can get a TXT in your choice of gas, electric or battery powered models. You’ll also find different seat cushions and brake pedal assemblies. With the proper maintenance, a TXT can last you for a good long while. If you’re looking for a new or used one, don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Most dealers are happy to help.

The most opulent EZGO is the EX1, which has a 48V DC drivetrain. Among other things, the EX1 has a closed-loop EFI for the gasoline engine. Despite the fact that the engine is a single cylinder, it offers a commendable output of power. As far as emissions go, it meets all the rules.

Besides the standard plethora of safety features, you’ll also find features like a hemispheric combustion chamber, which shaves off some of the typical fuel consumption. A slick dash panel, meanwhile, will let you control a host of slick features. It’s a good idea to do a maintenance check on your EZGO TXT every few years, as you never know when something might catch on and blow up. Having a good battery will also keep you on the right track when you’re out enjoying your surroundings. Also, keep in mind that your EZGO TXT will require some maintenance during the colder months of the year.

Difference of EZGO RXV vs TXT

The two most popular golf carts from EZGO are the TXT and the RXV. These models are designed to perform well and deliver a superior on-course experience. However, there are some differences between these two models.

The TXT has been around for a long time, and is still one of the most popular golf carts on the market. This model is available in gas or electric. It is also one of the best golf carts for people who want a smooth ride. You can get the TXT in a variety of body styles, including the classic and sleek Almond.

The RXV is a newer model, and was launched in 2008. Several models are available, from gas to electric. Each of these models comes with different features and upgrades. Unlike the TXT, the RXV is more customizable. Depending on the model, you can select between two or four seats.

Compared to the TXT, the RXV offers more power. The gasoline option is powered by the same EX1 engine as the TXT, but with upgrades.

If you like to take your golf cart off the course, the RXV offers an optional tow bar. The tow bar is available for gas and electric models. Both versions can be towed up to 12 miles per hour. They are also equipped with a patented IntelliBrake system. With the IntelliBrake, you can lock your parking brake easily and quickly.

Although these models are similar in size, the RXV is slightly longer than the TXT. In addition, the wheelbase is slightly narrower. Also, the front wheel tracks are 38 inches in the rear, compared to the 35.5 inch ones found in the TXT.

The newer RXV models have firmer molded seat cushions. They also have cupholders that accommodate a smartphone.

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Similarity of EZGO RXV vs TXT

EZGO TXT and RXV are two of EZGO’s most popular models. They have many similar features and are both known for their high-quality design. However, each model offers a few differences.

RXV has a different frame, and it is shorter than TXT. It also has a narrower wheelbase. Nevertheless, both the RXV and TXT are built to provide a comfortable ride. Both models are available in gas or electric.

RXV has an internal starter generator to maximize efficiency. The RXV is able to use energy from the brakes to charge its battery. This allows for a faster charging process.

Another advantage to the RXV is the IntelliBrake(tm) system. When a slope is encountered, the system motor brake automatically slows the vehicle down. Unlike the TXT, the RXV is the only cart to use this technology.

The RXV has a very large dash storage area. You can even add a cover to keep out the rain or a bag to keep the food and beverages you bring with you from getting wet.

All three RXV models have seating for two people. Depending on the model, you may be able to add a third or fourth seat. For instance, the Elite has a load capacity of 800 pounds.

Compared to the TXT, the RXV also has a larger sun canopy. The sun canopy is a bit thicker and can fit a 215/50-12 tire without a lift. With the added protection, the car is more likely to survive an impact.

While TXT has a few unique features, such as the wide, ergonomically designed seat and the optional USB port, it is not as customizable as the RXV. Even the cupholders are different in the RXV. Those in the RXV have console style cup holders with mounting holes for a smartphone or tablet.

FAQs about EZGO RXV vs TXT

What is the EZGO RXV golf cart made for?

The EZGO RXV golf cart is made for those who want a reliable, powerful, and comfortable ride. With a 48-volt AC electric motor and up to 19 horsepower, the EZGO RXV has plenty of power to get you where you need to go. The independent suspension system ensures a smooth ride on any terrain, while the adjustable headrests and contoured seating offer comfort even during long rides. If you’re looking for an efficient way to get around the golf course or just enjoy some fresh air in your neighborhood, the EZGO RXV is an excellent choice. It’s also backed by a 4-year limited warranty and comes with a variety of add-on features that make it customizable to your needs. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or simply looking for an easier way to get around, the EZGO RXV is sure to impress.

How fast does the EZGO RXV go?

The EZGO RXV has a maximum speed of 19 mph. However, the speed can be programmed to operate anywhere from 5 to 19 mph based on your preferences. The governor in the cart automatically adjusts its top speed depending on how it is programmed. This makes it easy for you to customize the speed for any golf course or driving application. Additionally, there are optional higher-speed motors available that can increase the top speed of your EZGO RXV up to 24 mph. To make sure you stay safe while operating your RXV at higher speeds, always follow all recommended safety guidelines and procedures. With proper care and maintenance, your EZGO RXV should provide years of reliable service and fun at different speeds!

How much does the EZGO RXV cost to maintain and operate annually compared to other golf carts on the market today?

The EZGO RXV is one of the most affordable golf carts to maintain and operate on the market today. Not only does it offer an excellent combination of performance, power, and efficiency, but it also comes with a relatively low cost-of-ownership. The annual estimated maintenance costs for an EZGO RXV are around $400-$500 USD, which is substantially lower than other brands on the market. Additionally, operating costs such as fuel and electricity can be kept to a minimum thanks to its efficient electric motor and regenerative braking system. When compared to other golf cart models available today, the EZGO RXV offers a great value for money when considering both acquisition and ownership costs. Thus making it one of the best investments when choosing a golf cart.

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Are spare parts readily available for the EZGO RXV if needed?

Yes, spare parts for the EZGO RXV are readily available. You can easily find the parts you need either directly from the manufacturer or through authorized aftermarket vendors. Additionally, many online stores carry a wide variety of parts specifically designed for the RXV, making it easy to find exactly what you need to keep your golf cart running smoothly. Furthermore, if you have any questions about which part is best suited for your specific model and needs, there are numerous customer service departments that are willing and able to help. You can also access instructional videos online, which may provide further insight into how to install certain components or repair certain issues. All in all, finding spare parts for the EZGO RXV should not be a problem!


In short, the main differences between the EZGO RXV vs TXT are mainly in design, feel on the course, acceleration, and price. The TXT costs less but lacks some of the features that come standard on the RXV. The RXV has a slightly more powerful motor and a better suspension system. Ultimately, it comes down to budget and what you prioritize in a golf cart. If you’re looking for something with all the bells and whistles, go with the RXV. If you’re looking to save some money, go with the TXT.

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