How To Become A Professional Golfer?

What golf clubs does Tiger Woods use? Find out here!

Have you ever wanted to take golf to the next level? To become a professional golfer and join the top ranks of competitive players? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will discuss what it takes to make it as a professional golfer, from finding the right training program and … Read more

Golfing at Night Offers a Unique and Thrilling Experience

Golfing at night can be an exciting and unique experience?

Golf at night? It can be a daunting proposition, especially for the novice golfer. However, many golf courses now offer options to allow for playing in the dark – either with floodlights or using glow-in-the-dark balls – and it can actually be an exciting and rewarding experience! From dedicated nighttime events held by some clubs … Read more

What Is A Golf Shank? Golf Tips and Tricks

What Is A Golf Shank? Easy Guide For Beginners

Do you want to take your golf game up a notch, but have you had trouble avoiding the shank? Chances are, if you’ve been playing for some time now, then this may be an all too familiar experience. A “shank” is one of the most dreaded shots in a golfer’s arsenal, occurring when your ball … Read more

What Is Plumb Bobbing In Golf? How To Use This Method

What Is Plumb Bobbing & How To Use This Method

Are you looking to get the most out of your golf game? Plumb Bobbing is a technique that can help you do just that! This ancient golfing practice has been around for centuries, and its main goal is to ensure accuracy by helping players better line up shots. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything from … Read more

How To Prepare For A Round Of Golf?

How to prepare for a round of golf?

Golfing is one of the nation’s favorite pastimes, and it’s no wonder why – playing a round of golf offers unparalleled physical exercise while merging with nature. If you’re thinking about embarking on your first golf adventure, there are several important steps that every golfer should take before teeing off. With some preparation and preparation, … Read more

How to Chip a Golf Ball? Tips to Help Your Game

How to Chip a Golf Ball? Golf Tips and Tricks

Are you a golfer looking for ways to improve your game? One of the most important aspects is chipping, which can help you get out of tricky situations on the course and even save strokes. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced player seeking more advanced tips, understanding how to chip correctly … Read more

What Is A Shotgun Start In Golf? Easy Guide and Tips

What Is A Shotgun Start In Golf? Everything To Know

If you’re a golfer, you’ve likely heard the term “shotgun start” used at tournaments and other competitive events. But what exactly is it? A shotgun start is an organized way of beginning a tournament or event in which all players tee off simultaneously from multiple tees located on different holes. This allows larger groups to … Read more