Srixon ZX5 vs ZX7: The Ultimate Comparison

Srixon ZX5 Vs ZX7 - What's the Difference?

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4 Iron vs 4 Hybrid: Which Is Best For You?

4 Iron vs 4 Hybrid: It's Time to Understand the Difference

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Blade vs Cavity Back Irons: Which is Better to Buy?

Blade vs Cavity Back Irons: Which One is Better?

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Woods vs Hybrids: Which is Best for Your Game?

Woods vs Hybrids: Pros/Cons & Difference

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SIM2 vs SIM 2 Max: Which One is Better?

SIM2 vs SIM 2 Max: What's Better For Most Golfers?

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Why do I Suck at Golf? (Causes and Fixes)

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Why Am I Pulling My Irons?

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Why is Golf So Expensive? – Here’s The Truth

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Why do I Slice My Driver? Golf Tips and Tricks

While some golfers prefer to use a pitching wedge for all their short game shots, others like to use a driver. But why would anyone want to use a driver when they can just as easily use a pitching wedge? One reason is that using a driver can create more distance on short shots. By … Read more